General terms and conditions

These terms & conditions apply to Apartment rentals offered by CITYSTAY. Any individual who uses CITYSTAY services is bound by these terms. Please read them with attention.  

§1 [Definitions]

1.    CITYSTAY – CITYSTAY Sp. z o.o. with headquarter in Gdynia (81-372) on Świętojańska 32/7 Street, registered in the National Court Register maintained by the District Court Gdansk-North in Gdansk VII Economic Department with KRS number 0000640356 (National Court Register), NIP 5862310646 (Fiscal Identification Number), REGON 365574959 (National Business Registry Number), being a part of the Agreement. CITYSTAY uses the following contact information: 2.    Apartment – a flat or a room described in detail on the CITYSTAY website, which the Guest has chosen to rent from CITYSTAY as short-term accommodation for business or tourist purposes. 3.    Guest – adult physical person, legal entity, or unit without a legal personality referred to in art. 331 of k.c. (Polish Civil Code) being a part of the short-term lease agreement of the Apartment which is the object of the CITYSTAY offer. 4.    Booking Confirmation – e-mail sent out by CITYSTAY to the Guest containing reservation and payment information for the stay. 5.    Agreement - Short-term lease agreement of the Apartment offered by CITYSTAY, concluded between the Guest and CITYSTAY at the moment when CITYSTAY receives the payment notification of the specified amount by its bank or at the moment of receiving the amount in cash, under the conditions stated in these Regulations. 6.    Regulations – these general terms & conditions of Apartment rental are an integral part of the Apartment lease Agreement concluded between the Guest and CITYSTAY. It is required to make oneself acquainted and agree with the rules and regulations for concluding the Agreement.  

§2 [General Provisions]

1.    CITYSTAY declares, under the lease Agreements concluded with the Apartment owners, that it is entitled to conclude lease Agreements with the Guests for short-term business or tourist accommodation. 2.    Under the lease Agreement, in exchange for the defined rental price, CITYSTAY prepares and shares the selected Apartment for the use of the Guest during the defined rental period. 3.    This lease Agreement concluded with the Guest does not include other services, except of those stated in the content of these Regulations; specifically it does not include meals and transport.  

§ 3 [Reservation]

1.    Reservations of the Apartment can be made: a)    by the on-line reservation system provided on the CITYSTAY website, b)    by sending an inquiry, which must be approved by CITYSTAY, by either e-mail, Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook, phone or other channels of telecommunication used by CITYSTAY c)    by other online booking portals, on which CITYSTAY is present 2.    A Booking Confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the Guest during the reservation process. The Booking Confirmation states information about the reservation made (Guest’s personal data, name and address of the Apartment, rental period, number of people, rental price, available payment methods and, if applicable, number of the parking place), as well as these Regulations and the Privacy Policy. 3.    A Guest is obliged to send a feedback e-mail within the period defined by CITYSTAY containing a payment confirmation for the rent and a scan of the Guest’s identity document or passport. In the case if: a) the reservation was made 72 hours before planned arrival to the Apartment, b) the Guest is not able to make a total prepayment for the reservation and has informed CITYSTAY about this fact, c) the Guest is not able to send a copy of an identity document or passport and has informed CITYSTAY about this fact, CITYSTAY may determine terms of a personal check-in to the Apartment with the Guest and receive the missing documents and rental charges in person. 4.    Shared pictures and descriptions on the CITYSTAY website and reservation portals are for information purposes only and do not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of the art. 66, par. 1 of k.c. (Polish Civil Code).  

§ 4 [Payment of the rent]

1.    The total amount of the Apartment rent is always given in the Booking Confirmation. 2.    The price for the stay is expressed in PLN and includes public liabilities, goods and services tax at the rate provided by the law. 3.    The total amount further includes: payment for the accommodation for declared number of people, utilities (water, gas, electricity, heating), the rental of bed sheets and towels, hotel accessories (one set for each declared person) and the final cleaning of the Apartment. 4.    The total amount does not include other services, which are not directly mentioned in the offer, in particular: a)    Fee for extra cleaning on Guest’s request, additional sets of bed linen and towels, rent of a baby cot and a baby chair, costs incurred by CITYSTAY due to additional wishes of the Guest. b)    Local tax at the rate provided by the law. The payment obligation rests on the Guest. 5.    CITYSTAY does not charge for the accommodation of children under age of 2. 6.    The Guest is obliged to make a payment for the Apartment rental onto the CITYSTAY bank account indicated in the Booking Confirmation, as payment title stating the Guest’s first and last name. 7.    Making the prepayment for the Apartment rental is synonymous with securing the booking and with confirming these terms & conditions of using the Apartment (Regulations), the Privacy Policy and giving consent to the processing of Guest personal data by CITYSTAY. 8.    If the payment is transferred after the deadline specified in the Booking Confirmation, it will bring back the reservation, if the Apartment is still available. 9.    On the Guest’s request CITYSTAY issues a VAT invoice. The Guest is required to express this request while making a booking, together with giving an invoice details.

§ 5 [Change and cancellation by the Guest]

1.    The cancellation policy stated in this paragraph is valid only if no other cancellation policy was provided at the time of booking on the external booking platform on which the reservation was made. 2.    If during the reservation process it was not indicated differently, the Guest has the right to cancel or change the reservation up to 14 days before the planed arrival. After this time, the cancelation cost will be 30% of the charge for the reserved Apartment (excluding the cleaning fee). The cost of changing the reservation is determined individually by CITYSTAY. 3.    To make a change in a reservation, the Guest is obliged to submit a notification to the CITYSTAY e-mail address and specify the details of the change. CITYSTAY reserves the right to refuse making changes without giving a reason. 4.    In the case of shortening a stay, which is a result of not exclusively CITYSTAY’s fault, Guest has no right to receive a refund for the unused days of renting the Apartment. 5.    If the prepayment for the Apartment rent is not paid to CITYSTAY within the prescribed period of time, the reservation will be canceled.

§ 6 [Change and cancellation by CITYSTAY]

1.    Any change of a reservation by CITYSTAY is only possible in case of force majeure, which makes it impossible to provide a service by CITYSTAY. By force majeure we specifically mean natural disasters, occupation of the Apartment by any organ of state power for any reason, strikes, wars and riots, deprivation of electricity, gas, heating energy or water by the provider to the Apartment. In this case CITYSTAY is required to propose another date to the Guest or renounce the lease Agreement, giving back the amount paid for the rent. 2.    In exceptional situations (failure in the Apartment or other random incident) CITYSTAY reserves the right to provide an alternative apartment with the same or better conditions than the reserved Apartment, in the same city. If the Guest does not agree to the alternative accommodation, the lease Agreement is terminated and CITYSTAY is required to refund to the Guest the paid fee, within 14 days from the date of termination of the lease Agreement.

§ 7 [Guest accommodation]

1.    CITYSTAY will send the check-in details regarding key handover and entrance codes to the Guest by e-mail. 2.    The Guest is obliged to inform CITYSTAY about his/her arrival time at least one day before the check-in date. 3.    If not otherwise specified, the accommodation in the Apartment starts from 16:00 on the arrival day and ends at 11:00 on departure day. Personal check-ins and check-outs between 20:00 and 08:00 will be subject to an extra charge of 100 PLN. 4.    The possibility to check-in before 16:00 and check-out after 11:00 depends on availability of the Apartment and must be confirmed in written by CITYSTAY. 5.    CITYSTAY has the right to refuse access to the Apartment to any Guest who refuses to share personal data or does not have a valid identity document. 6.    Failing to leave the Apartment by the Guest until 11:00 on the check-out day (or another agreed with CITYSTAY hour) with all his belongings, authorizes CITYSTAY to charge the Guest an extra fee up to 100 PLN for each delayed hour. 7.    The Guest is obliged to report to CITYSTAY any complaints about the technical condition and/or cleanliness of the Apartment within 3 hours of the check-in. No notice in this time period will be considered by CITYSTAY as acceptance of the state of the Apartment. 8.    To secure any claims for compensation for damage from the Guest, CITYSTAY has the right to ask for a deposit from the Guest. The deposit is interest-free and refundable at the end of the Guest’s stay.  

§ 8 [Guest responsibilities]

1.    The Guest commits: a) to use the Apartment and its equipment according to their purpose, b)    to leave the Apartment without deterioration of its condition in which it was received c)    not to remove any equipment from the Apartment d)    not to copy or share keys or entrance codes to the Apartment and the building, in which it is situated, with any unauthorized person during or after the stay, e) not to rent or share the Apartment with third party persons, upon payment or for free, f)    protect the Apartment before every leaving, by closing the windows and locking the front door, as well as safeguarding the key. In case of losing the key, the Guest will be charged a fee of 200 PLN, g)    observe the safety regulations and Fire Regulations of the building where the Apartments is located, as well as the non-smoking rule inside the Apartments and in the common areas (violation of the non-smoking rule will result in a penalty of 200 PLN), and if applicable: do not put petrol into the bio-fireplace while it’s still hot and do not cover the stones in the sauna - danger of fire, h)    respect the quiet hours of the house between 22:00 and 6:00, i)  segregate waste if this obligation exists in the chosen Apartment. 2.    Visitor hours are between 7:00 and 22:00. If a Guest stays after 22:00, they are considered an overnight Guest. The extra Guest fee is 20PLN-50PLN per night, depending on the Apartment type. 3.    Pets in the Apartment are permitted only with the prior consent of CITYSTAY expressed in writing. CIYSTAY has right to ask an extra fee for the stay of the animal. 4.    On account of fire safety, it is forbidden to use any electrical equipment in the Apartment, especially electric heaters other than the ones provided in the Apartment. This does not apply to chargers and power supplies, electronic or computer devices. 5.    During the stay in the Apartment, the Guest has the right to report all comments and express requests and wishes by calling the phone number indicated in the information sheet located in the Apartment. 6.    Personal assistance requested by the Guest at the Apartment will be charged 50 PLN per visit, unless there is a valid reason or problem that can only be solved by personal assistance of CITYSTAY employee. In such case the visit is free-of-charge. 7.    CITYSTAY reserves the right of emergency access to the Apartment during the Guest’s stay, for example caused by need of urgent repairs. The Guest will be informed beforehand and must allow CITYSTAY to access the Apartment for the necessary period of time. 8.    In case of violation of the rules in this paragraph or justified complaint to CITYSTAY by a third party because of Guest’s behavior in the Apartment, CITYSTAY has the right to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect and vacate the Apartment without obligation of a refund for the remaining period of the reservation. 9.    The Guest has full responsibility for all damages in the Apartment and on its equipment, the common parts of the building, where the Apartment is located and in the neighboring premises, caused by the Guest or other persons who stay in the Apartment during the Guest’s rental period. 10.    Guests are obliged to inform CITYSTAY immediately about any damages caused in the Apartment. CITYSTAY has the right to request from the Guest the full amount for the repair of such damages.

§ 9 [Complaints]

1.    The Guest has the right to file a complaint regarding the services and expect compensation from this title, according to the rules of the law in this respect. 2.    Complaints must be filed in written by post or by e-mail. 3.    The complaints will be considered within 30 days of receiving them. In case of accepting the Guest’s complaint, the Guest will be granted a compensation proportional to the harm which they have suffered.  

§10 [Final resolutions]

1.    The Guest agrees to the processing of personal data in order to process the reservation. Personal data provided by Guest are processed by CITYSTAY only for the realization of the lease Agreement in accordance with Polish law and law regarding protection of personal data. Personal data will not be transmitted or made available to third parties. 2.    CITYSTAY as well as the Apartment Owner do not take responsibility for losing or damaged personal properties of the Guest, including theft. 3.    CITYSTAY as well as the Apartment Owner do not take a responsibility for effects of any injuries, unfortunate accidents, injuries or death of Guests or third parties, which arise in the Apartment or in the common parts of the building, during the Guest’s stay. CITYSTAY as well as the Apartment Owner are fully exempt from liability.